HealthEd On Demand Terms and Conditions
Agreement for Use by Health Care Providers

HealthEd On Demand (HEOD) is a free, secure online platform created to improve communication between you and your patients, beyond the typical office visit. HEOD allows you to share articles, videos and other materials electronically. We hope these resources will help your patient take a more active role in his or her health. If you have any questions about HEOD, please email or call 800-817-3570.

By using the platform, you acknowledge and agree to the terms below.

1. You may choose to share feedback with HEOD

Our platform is new and still evolving. We may ask you for feedback, and we always welcome your suggestions. Just to let you know, however, once you share your input, all claims to those ideas belong to HEOD regardless of whether or not we use them in whole or in part.

2. Your data privacy is very important to us.

3. Security requires commitment from you and HEOD.

All personally identifiable information is kept on HEOD’s secured network, hosted on a third-party cloud server. You are responsible for the security of your computer and that of your medical practice network as applicable when using HEOD. We cannot guarantee absolute security, so use HEOD at your own risk.

4. Take advantage of the materials in HEOD for the benefit of your patients and add your own.

The resources and materials in HEOD come from many sources including, but not limited to, other health care providers, medical journals, clinics, hospitals, societies and organizations. You are responsible for your patient’s care and for deciding what content is right for him or her. HEOD is not responsible for the accuracy or usefulness of any of the resources and materials provided by or to you or by third parties or others.

If you upload any content to HEOD, you confirm that you have full license to use and grant use of this content. Please note that content tagged as “private” may be used by others in your practice, but “public” content is accessible to all other health care providers who have access rights to HEOD.

Any content that you or your patients may create within HEOD becomes the property of HEOD. It also may be transferred to any future owner of HEOD assets.

5. Please do not misuse the platform.

In exchange for free access to our system, please respect all the hard work that has gone into its development. If you are technically-minded, we ask that you do not try to figure out the nuts and bolts of how it works or change what it does. Also, please do not share your access – that is, your user name and password. You may add your colleagues and practice staff as additional users within your practice at any time. If you know someone outside of your practice who is interested in using HEOD, please email us at or call 800-817-3570.

Unfortunately, if we notice that you or another user within your practice is not following these rules, we’ll have to remove your access. Depending upon the issue, we may pursue legal action. If this happens, HEOD and any representatives of HEOD are not in any way responsible for activities or costs that may be related to your actions.

6. Please do not use HEOD as your only source of medical information.

As an Internet user, you probably realize that not every search finds what you want, and not every website does what you thought it would. Keeping that in mind, HEOD cannot guarantee the platform will be error-free or work exactly the way you, your medical practice or your patients think it should. You are responsible for your patient’s care. HEOD should not be your only source of health care and treatment information.

Also, we cannot plan for every possible type of computer or mobile device. HEOD is not responsible for any data or financial loss of any kind for any user. If you have any questions, please email or call 800-817-3570.

7. Please do not use this product with patients who are not at least 13 years old.

Currently HEOD is not designed for patients under the age of 13 years.  However, if this represents a significant number of your patients, please let us know by emailing, so that we can use your feedback to plan for new product features.

The privacy of children under the age of 13 years is very important to us. According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Agreement (COPPA), if the patient is under the age of 13 years, a parent or guardian is required to use HEOD on behalf of that child. Additionally, even before the child’s patient information is entered, the health care provider must get permission (electronically or written) from the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must be the patient primary email contact.

8. You acknowledge this agreement.

You have read and understand this agreement. If you are a covered entity, HEOD performs as your Business Associate according to the HIPAA definition. You are currently a licensed/registered health care provider in good standing, you have always been in good standing, and your employer or practice has always been in good standing.

You are the health care provider or you have the legal standing to accept this agreement on behalf of the individual health care provider or medical practice. The electronic version has the same value as a signed document. This agreement is tied to you personally; however, total ownership of the product belongs to HEOD.
Upon login, HEOD will reasonably confirm your identity as appropriate.

Finally, HEOD may make changes without your knowledge or approval by sending you a notice or posting changes on the product platform, which is followed by your ongoing use of the platform.