Works wherever you are

You and your patients can access your HealthEd On Demand resources from any device with a browser.

Instant access

All you need is a Web browser, and you can access HealthEd On Demand resources and share them with patients in seconds. Patients can also access the information you send them from any Web-enabled browser on a computer or mobile device.

All resources, always available

With HealthEd On Demand, you have access to thousands of resources. It can also help you organize your own materials so they are easy to find and to share with others in your practice and with your patients.

Convenient for you—and your patients

HealthEd On Demand provides a convenient way for you to access and share information with patients. And by using our secure portal, your patients have access to this information in an organized format that is always available to them.

Get unlimited access to all the benefits of HealthEd On Demand