Why use
HealthEd On Demand?

HealthEd On Demand strengthens communication between patients and healthcare professionals, improving patient engagement and quality care.

Better communication

HealthEd On Demand gives you 1-click access to educational resources and practice-specific information you can personalize and share with patients through a secure portal. Your patients can access this information at any time, improving communication and support between visits.

Patient engagement

Through the use of personalized communication and collaboration tools, HealthEd On Demand lets you engage patients in an ongoing relationship with your practice. When patients are more engaged, more productive conversations and better health outcomes can follow.

Quality care

HealthEd On Demand provides you with the tools to support a quality care framework for your practice. Use our templates to deliver targeted information to individual patients or patient groups for your practice's quality care initiatives. And, use our reports to monitor and document patient utilization and engagement metrics.

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