It’s completely free

HealthEd On Demand is free, thanks to the support of sponsors who provide educational resources and templates.

Free educational library

All educational resources available through HealthEd On Demand are available for free to users. We continually add resources and topic areas, using a rigorous curation process to ensure quality, so there’s no need for you to subscribe to another patient education content library or service.

Free communications platform

HealthEd On Demand provides a secure platform for you to communicate with your patients, either one-on-one or as a group. You do not need to subscribe to additional communications services such as secure email, email marketing, or feedback survey services.

Free documentation

HealthEd On Demand automatically documents the information and materials you send to patients and confirms whether they have received and accessed those materials. You do not need to spend extra time or money on administrative services to document critical patient education and communications efforts.

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