One size doesn’t fit all

HealthEd On Demand provides flexible tools to accommodate your personal style of patient care.

Made to fit your patients’ specific needs

From diagnosis to management and treatment, you will be able to send personalized communication and education materials that are suited for your patients’ needs. You can also create reusable templates and information packets for patient groups.

Flexible content formats

Most patient education subscription libraries are delivered in a single, standardized format, but HealthEd On Demand offers access to a variety of media formats, including links to Web pages, PDF documents and forms, and even videos.

Use our content, or use your own

HealthEd On Demand offers credible content from leading associations, clinics, and product manufacturers in our Resource Centers. You can even use your own materials and instructions. HealthEd On Demand helps you upload, organize, and share that information, too.

Get unlimited access to all the benefits of HealthEd On Demand