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Diabetes Resource Center

HealthEd On Demand helps physicians, nurses, diabetes educators, and care coordinators deliver essential education and tailored support to their patients living with diabetes. Our Diabetes Resource Center provides a wide range of content from leading patient associations, clinics, and product manufacturers, so you can quickly filter by topic, format, skill level, and language to find the right education and support resources for your patient and his or her specific needs.

Diabetes plans

Instantly create plans for your patients using our curated, precertified content. These are designed to help your patients manage their diabetes and care. Some of the plans in the Diabetes Resource Center include:
  • Integrating diabetes care into everyday life
  • Understanding medicine for diabetes
  • Understanding your numbers
  • Dealing with the diabetes burden
  • Working with your healthcare team
  • Starting treatment with an injectable medicine
  • Understanding your risk for type 2 diabetes
  • Information for parents of children with type 1 diabetes

“HealthEd On Demand enables me to provide invidualized educational support, which is critical in diabetes care.”

—Endocrinologist, Spain

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