Certified resources

HealthEd On Demand handpicks educational materials from leading associations, clinics, health Web sites, and product manufacturers and provides them to you in an organized format in our Resource Centers.

Our selection criteria

All materials are evaluated by our staff of certified health educators. They ensure that the content in our Resource Centers is accurate, up-to-date, engaging, and relevant to patient needs. Plus, they evaluate the health literacy level of the materials to help you identify what is most appropriate for the skill level of your patient.

Organized for your convenience

Resource Centers are searchable and are organized by condition or product category, source, topic, language, media format, and skill level.

The option to add your own content

You can use HealthEd On Demand to organize and access your own practice materials and the content that you use most frequently with patients. Just upload any document PDF, video, or Web site link to your HealthEd On Demand account to ensure the materials you want to share are always available when you need them. Here are some examples of resources that you can save and share on HealthEd On Demand:
  • Individual practitioner biographies or videos
  • New service or procedure information
  • Patient instructions
  • Procedure education
  • Disease education
  • Lifestyle and coping tips
  • Product recommendations

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